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Please SUBMIT your dancer(s) form then click on the link below that applies to your registration.  Your registration is not complete until entry is paid in full.​​

Utah Quad

Utah Solo

Idaho ​Trio

​​Solo, Duo, Trio, & Quad Registration Every dancer will receive an individual trophy.  All first place recipients will receive a tiara along with their trophy. All High Point recipients will receive a recognition award. Overall High Point Soloists will receive a D2D Hooded Jacket, Large trophy, & Large Tiara!

Please place your soloists in the appropriate category to keep the competition fair.

Beginner - A true beginner dancer.  No more than a single pirouette allowed in this division. Beginning stages of leaps & other skills showcased in a true developing beginner w/beginner technique.  (1-2 years training)

Beginner Plus - A true step above Beginner. Solid single pirouette  - dancers can double pirouette and A la seconde, however, technical skill needs improvement and no more than 3 rotation in A la seconde. Formation, level changes, leaps, and other developing beginner skills that are not quite to the intermediate level. Fouettes are NOT allowed in this division.  (3-4 years of training or has placed 1st at the BEG level)

​Intermediate - Solid double pirouettes. Multiple formation & level changes. Attempting fouettes, and triples, however, technical skill still needs improvement.   (4-6 years training or has placed 1st at BEG+ level)

Intermediate Plus -  Solid triple pirouettes, Multi-directional fouettes & A la Secondes are allowed.  These dancers are experienced but not quite to the ADV.(5+ years training or has placed 1st at the INT level)

Advanced - Triple + pirouettes, fouettes, multiple advanced formation & level changes.  True advanced dancers with advanced technical skill.  (7+ years training or placed 1st at the INT+ level)

*Judges have the right to move dancers (without prior notification) to appropriate category if entered incorrectly. All Soloists entered in the wrong division will NOT be elgible for overall high point awards.