Awards: Every team participant will get an D2D T-SHIRT.  Judges will also award specialty trophies to studios for Best Choreography, Technical Precision, Best Show Production, and more!  We will also have a D2D Overall Grand Champion for the Stage teams and a D2D Overall Grand Champion for the Gym teams.  We will take each studios top scores from both panel of judges and whatever studio has the highest percentage will be the D2D Overall Grand Champion. To be elgible for the D2D Overall Grand Champion a Studio has to bring a minimum of 5 teams. Studios that brings 5 or more teams to compete will also get a large participation trophy.

Top Solo, Duo, Trio, & Quad Awards: Friday evening we will award the top scoring performers for each panel of judges and announce them as Top Scoring Recipients.  These Top Score Awards will be awarded to all top scoring participants in the BEG, BEG+, INT, INT+, & ADV categories.   Each Top Scoring Recipient will receive a special award!  Overall High Point soloist will receive a Large Trophy and D2D Gift.

Age: Team divisions will be based on the average age of the team. Add together the ages of every dancer on each team and divide it by the number of girls on the team. Teams will compete against other teams of their same age and dancing experience. 

Style: Please specify what style of routine each team will be competing with as same or similar styles will compete against each other depending on the entries received.

To register a team to compete you must have at least 5 dancers on the team. In some situations I will allow a team of 4, but this must be pre approved prior to the event.

Divisions:  We like to keep the divisions small and will never have more than 4 teams in one division and no more than 4 soloists in a division.

Music: All music must be emailed to or uploaded via our website.  Songs must be labeled with team name or solo dancer (first and last name) in .mp3 format (no movie files).  We highly recommend having backup music on hand the day of the event. 

Registration Deadline: Please register early as the event could fill up prior to the registration deadline date.  We will cut off the registration prior to the deadline date if we are full.  The deadline to register for March and April events are February 10, 2020. Late entries will be accepted based on capacity of event. If accepted, dancers are subject to $18 per dancer per routine.  

Ability: Refer to the chart on the "Register Today" page and please place your teams accordingly to ensure a fair competition for all.  If teams are found to be dancing out of their ability division, penalties will be given.

Score Sheets  will be given out at the conclusion of the event with a breakdown of how your teams scored compared to the other teams you were up against.  All judges decisions are final and excellent sportsmanship is expected from ALL. 

Any spectator, coach, dancer, director etc. acting unreasonable in a disturbing unsportsmanlike fashion will be asked to leave the event forfeiting all entry fees/performance - NO EXCEPTIONS! All judges decisions are FINAL!

Costumes, Music, & Choreography must be appropriate for all audiences.

Upon registering you agree to hold harmless Get Creative / Dare 2 Dance Competition for any items lost, stolen, or damaged and injuries that may arise from competing at either of the events.

Upon completing your team registration you will receive an email from the competition director to arrange payment. Payments can be accepted via paypal, CC, or check.  A 3% fee will be applied to those who pay via paypal or CC.  All return checks are subject to a $45.00 return check fee. You may mail checks payable to Get Creative PO BOX 383 , Hooper, UT 84315.

Information packets along with wristbands for the dancers will be sent out approximately 2 - 3 weeks before the registered event.  These packets will be sent to the Studio Director.  Soloists not competing with a studio attending the event will pick up wristbands at the event.  The packet will have instructions for parking, spectators, loading and unloading props, dressing rooms etc.  Line up for order of performance will be sent to studio directors 3 weeks prior to event.  Final performance line up will be sent one week prior to event and at this point no more changes will be made to the line up. 

When registering a legal representative jointly and severally hereby releases, discharges Get Creative, Dare to Dance Competition its successors and/or assigns and all their employees, agents & the hosting team/school from any liability for injury, damage or loss which may be caused by any act or omission of any act. Including but not limited to, any injury or damage caused by or resulting from the negligence of Dare to Dance Competition and Get Creative. I understand that it is the purpose of Dare to Dance Competition/ Get Creative to provide performing experiences in varying forms and styles of dance and that these athletic activities may in fact have certain types of injuries that are common & inherent. I understand that all judges’ decisions are final and that there are no refunds for any reason. I along with the above participants, teammates, teachers, &/or directors agree to engage in a sportsmanlike manner. Any willful act of unsportsmanlike behavior may be cause for disqualification.